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Doing Business in the 1st: Thomas' Smokey Pit Stop

Bro Darryl Thomas (3-04-DX) was featured in the Hartford Courant not long ago as a model business of perseverance, thriving amid the pandemic. The article notes that Bro. Thomas operated his food truck and catering business for eight years while also working as Dean of Students at Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School in Springfield, prior to launching Thomas' Smokey Pit Stop. His ability to flourish and pivot in the midst of the current pandemic is a testament to his perseverance and ingenuity. Looking back a text exchange with Bro. Thomas in late May, I asked if he was impacted by the shutdown at that time. He responded, "Nah it didn’t really affect me at all. It’s take-out only so I didn’t have to worry about shutting down. It was considered “essential." And indeed, he has been essentially important to his customers.Spurred on by his late father's and grandfather's pit mastery, Bro. Thomas and wife Cassandra have brought his family's legacy to Manchester, CT, winning rave reviews and support from the community. The relationships that have been forged in the months since the opening have been a blessing to Bro. Thomas. He embraces the "new part" of his journey and considers

"everything" that has come in as "a blessing." In addition to the community response to his venture, Bro. Thomas is appreciative of the support from the fraternity and the fact that every chapter in the 1st district has supported his business. "I’m truly thankful for the many friends I have within the district and fraternity. I’ve received an incredible amount of support and uplift from chapters through the years. My brothers' friendships are truly essential to my soul!"

Besides his website - which we encourage you to visit and take advantage of his online ordering - you find him on Instagram @ThomasSmokeyPitStop and on

Facebook for your dining and catering needs.

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Great Food and Great Man!

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