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Annual Memorial Service 2024

The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated's First District conducted two Joint Annual Memorial Services to honor the memory of their dearly departed brothers. These services were held in two notable locations: the historic Twelfth Baptist Church in Boston, Massachusetts, and the Freewill Baptist Church in Bridgeport, Connecticut (March 9th and 10th, respectively). These solemn gatherings served as a time to remember and reflect on those who have passed into Omega Chapter over the last year. Both services also helped to reinforce the bonds of brotherhood. Note that a few chapters held separate services as well

Key Highlights of the Memorial Services:

1. Tribute to Departed Brothers: The services paid homage to brothers who passed in 2023. The brothers who were memorialized include Brothers James Long (Iota Chi), Mark Perkins (Rho Upsilon), James Morgan (Lambda Rho), Vernon Graves (Iota Chi, '56) and Clarence Dilday (Eta Phi). These moments of remembrance honored their contributions and preserved their legacy within the fraternity.

2. Strengthening Fraternal Bonds: The memorial services provided a platform for current members to connect and further solidify the bonds of brotherhood. Through shared memories and collective mourning, the fraternity continues to build upon the foundation of mutual support and camaraderie that defines their brotherhood.

3. Vision for the Future: With an eye toward the future, the services each year reinforce the fraternity's commitment to its legacy and its members. The goal is not only to remember those who have passed but also to inspire a stronger, more united fraternity that can face the challenges of the future together.

Participating Chapters: The North service saw participation from the Eta Phi and Iota Chi chapters, highlighting the unity and collective grief of the fraternity’s northern contingent. The South service was attended by members of the Alpha Nu, Chi Omicron, Lambda Rho, Epsilon Iota Iota, Rho Upsilon, and Tau Iota chapters, demonstrating a similar sentiment of fraternity and remembrance across the First District.

A Tradition of Remembrance: Established in 1926 (in Memory of Colonel Charles Young), the Memorial Service stands as one of the Fraternity’s nine mandated programs, underlining the importance of remembering and honoring the legacy of deceased members. This tradition not only pays respect to those who have passed but also strengthens the fraternal bonds among the living members, ensuring that the fraternity's values and brotherhood continue to thrive across generations.


Brother Anthony Lilley. District Chaplain

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